Results of the Erasmus Days webinar


Material from the webinar « Nuevos horizontes en seguridad en la UE. Implicaciones para los productos infantiles. Las falsificaciones: un problema grave para la salud de los más pequeños » provided by AIJU within Erasmus Days initiative of 2022.


Results of the C1 short-term joint staff training event


Event organized by the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) of the University of Strasbourg (France). Topics addressed from the businesses point of view: legal aspects of intellectual and industrial property, the blockchain applied to product and company protection, children’s product safety regulations, building consumer trust in the industry. 

Results of the online staff training event


Material from the  knowledge exchange online session for the staff of the  European organizations that  form the  CounterRisk consortium. Topics addressed from the consumer point of view: European regulation, environmental problems arising from counterfeiting, introduction to blockchain technology, risks of counterfeit products.  

NOOC1 competences for consumer organizations and consumer educators


What you will learn about counterfeit children’s products.

NOOC2 competences for businesses in children's products sector


What you will learn in CounterRisk NOOC for industry.