The project

CounterRisk is a transnational project, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to develop ICT open educational resources on how to fight against counterfeiting in children’s products, addressing the protection of intellectual property rights, children’s products safety and how new technologies such as blockchain can help protect products and improve their safety.

Target groups

The project is principally aimed at two key target groups:

professionals from children’s product companies, especially SMEs, and

technical staff of consumer organisations, as a key target group that reaches people who buy consumer products for children, both online and in physical shops.

Other beneficiaries:

staff of public authorities in charge of market surveillance and consumer education activities, teachers and students of disciplines related to the project themes and individuals in general.


Counterfeiting is both economically damaging to business and to the health of consumers. In the case of children’s products, counterfeits pose a serious health risk to the most vulnerable consumers, such as children. According to the EUIPO study “Qualitative Study on Risks Posed by Counterfeits to Consumers. 2019”, 80% of unsafe counterfeit products were children’s products.

The ultimate aim of the CounterRisk project is to help improve the key competences of professionals (SMEs and consumer associations) to protect themselves from counterfeiting through increased knowledge of intellectual property and children’s product safety and how the implementation of new technologies in products can be instrumental in ensuring their authenticity to authorities and consumers.

Main results of the project

Two intellectual outputs

1. NOOC for consumer organisations

free and open online course in NOOC format, specifically designed for the staff of consumer associations and other professionals involved in consumer awareness and education activities.

why and how to avoid buying counterfeit products for children

2. NOOC for companies in the children’s products sector

aimed at the staff of companies in the sector, especially SMEs.

protect your product and your company through intellectual property, product safety and new technologies.

What are the CounterRisk NOOCs like?


children’s products – intellectual property – product safety – new technologies applied to product protection and safety management – blockchain.

Miniature training pills

with entertaining videos, infographics, reading materials, quizzes, activities, etc.

Gamified tools

find out about blockchain technology while you learn. Earn tokens to access new resources and evaluate your new skills after completing the course.

Augmented reality

Have fun with case studies using augmented reality.

Learn however and whenever you want

The training materials can be used in a structured approach over the course or independently. Take the pill you need at any time.

Free access for everyone

In order to access the NOOCs, you only need an internet connection and an iOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet)


All products will be available free of charge in digital format on the internet, on the project website and on the Erasmus+ platform for disseminating the results of Erasmus+ projects.


NOOCs in English, Spanish, French, Czech and Portuguese


Start date: 01/12/20 End date: 31/03/2023